This week we completed our first Yin Yang Standard Series II bass! This instrument is modeled after Victor Wooten’s most recent and most played Yin Yang custom, featuring a Walnut body, Yellowheart top, and a Maple neck with an Ebony fingerboard. Sonically this bass differs from our Yin Yang Series I in that this wood combinations has a tighter low end, more compressed mids, and a shaper attack and decay. The electronics package includes a set of EMG P/J pickups and our proprietary Fodera/Pope Standard 3-band Preamp. The Yin Yang Standard Series II was designed with a meticulously chosen set of build specifications and is crafted from exactly the same materials as all of our custom made Brooklyn instruments to ensure that legendary Fodera playability and tone — at a price that is considerably less than the Victor Wooten Yin Yang Deluxe. Head over to our e-store now to grab your Yin Yang Standard!