Instruments like our custom bass guitars have been made from wood for hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of years. Many of our customers wonder why we continue to use wood to create our guitars when more modern materials are available at a more plentiful supply and a much cheaper cost. The fact is, wood is simply the best product available out there to create guitars because it looks better and sounds better as a finished product.

What kind of wood is used in the creation process is extremely important. The grain and density of the wood will affect how it sounds, and manufacturers like Fodera understand which woods to choose to achieve the right sound for their custom bass and acoustic guitars. Heavier woods give a brighter sound, so they are good for bass guitars. A guitar maker can expertly carve out heavier woods so they aren’t heavier to hold, making them comfortable to play for long periods of time. And although the appearance of a guitar may not be as important as how it sounds, you still want a gorgeous piece to play. Wood can be finished in a variety of ways, so both the maker and the player have plenty of options to choose from.

Interested in learning more about how Fodera creates custom bass guitars out of wood? You can visit us in person at our Brooklyn location, or simply read more about our guitars on our website. You are also welcome to contact us at 718-832-3455 or email us at and we’ll do our best to answer your guitar making questions.