Check out the completed instruments from our 2016 Topwood Sale!

As many of our customers can tell you, one of the elements that has always made ordering a custom Fodera such a fun and personal experience is the ability to choose your own top from our stock of exotic hardwoods.  It was with this in mind that we created out Topwood Gallery a little over a year ago, to provide an online resource where you can see some of our available topwoods in their raw, book-matched form.  However, we know that it can be difficult to visualize the transformation that a top will go through between being a raw slab of wood to being part of a gorgeous custom instrument.  The images below are several tops that were selected during our 2016 Topwood Sale, and are paired with an image of the custom basses that they became.  Enjoy the pictures, and remember that you can browse our Topwood Gallery to see some of our available materials!