All of the tops featured this week are available for new custom orders at NO CHARGE! This offer applies for this week only! If you’d like to use one of these tops for your next Fodera, please contact

Here are this week’s tops:

First, we have a beautiful piece of Presentation Grade Spalted Maple! The top has wonderful streaking and contrast as well as hints of flame figure. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to have a presentation grade top on your next Fodera at no charge! This board can be used as both a solid and non-solid top.


Next, we have an historic board of Padouk. This board was used on the very first prototype NS design guitar that Vinny built himself back in 1978 when working for Stuart Spector! Vinny acquired this board from a cabinet maker in the same shop. One half was used for the guitar and the other half has stayed in our shop ever since! It is a wonderful old-growth piece that, while understated in figure, has a rich red / orange color that will make for a stunning top.


Finally, we have a gorgeous piece of Lacewood. Lacewood has a very unique figure and rich color reminiscent of Koa. This board can be used as both a solid and non-solid top.