The King Of Fingerboard Woods, Now On Sale!

Here at Fodera Guitars, we have always sourced the very finest materials available to build our instruments. Along with that has been our long-time compliance with CITES (an international agreement directed at ensuring the ethical trade of flora and fauna) in regards to protected materials such as Brazilian Rosewood and Madagascar Kingwood. In January 2017, CITES expanded to protect all species of Rosewoods, including Indian Rosewood, a commonly used material in the guitar and bass industry that had previously been unregulated.  This has caused quite a stir in the musical instrument manufacturing community as it is now necessary for all builders to attain adequate paperwork proving that all Rosewoods they are shipping have been harvested and traded properly. With so many companies all applying for this paperwork at the same time, it has caused delays to many international shipments across the entire industry. However, Fodera is pleased to announce that due to our familiarity with CITES we have already received clearance and documentation to ship all Rosewoods internationally! In celebration, we are pleased to offer Brazilian Rosewood and Madagascar Kingwood on sale through the month of April!

Brazilian Rosewood has long been considered “the king” of fingerboard tone woods. Like its more commonly accessible cousin, Indian Rosewood, it provides a smooth attack and a warm overall tone.  What makes Brazilian Rosewood special among Rosewoods is its wider-spectrum of sound, capable of bright, articulate highs and a particular nuance it brings to the overall tone of the instrument.  Madagascar Kingwood is another type of Rosewood, similar in density to Brazilian Rosewood and is comparable in tone as well, making it a great alternative, especially for customers in the EU (ALL shipment of Brazilian Rosewood is prohibited in the EU).

Until April 30, 2017, the cost of these woods used for new custom orders will be as follows:

Brazilian Rosewood

4-string bass – $425 (normally $850)

5-string bass – $625 (normally $1250)

6-string bass – $825 (normally $1650)

Imperial Guitar – $425 (normally $850)

Madagascar Kingwood

4-string bass – $250 (normally $500)

5-string bass – $375 (normally $750)

6-string bass – $625 (normally $1250)

Imperial Guitar – $250 (normally $500)

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