While this is not a new product introduction we don’t often get the opportunity to build a Anthony Jackson Presentation II / Hybrid bass so whenever we do, it’s more than worth showing off! This instrument was built for a customer in Japan and shares some unique features not seen on Anthony’s personal bass. Our original AJPII featured a Holly top and back whereas this bass features a Spruce top and back lending to an overall warmer tone. It also shares the Titanium Bridge, truss rod, and scalloped nut from Anthony’s bass.

The Hybrid name is derived from it sharing construction techniques used for both solid body and acoustic instruments. Our heel-less method of attaching the neck to the body while still allowing for a completely hollow, acoustic body is patented. The initial iteration of this kind of construction for Fodera was based on working with one of our longtime friends and bassist extraordinaire, Matt Garrison, trying to achieve a tone for him that was a blend of acoustic and electric tones.

Within the hollow body of the instrument is a “suspension” type construction fabricated from old growth Mahogany that allows for the placement of the bridge and single Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickup.

All of the tonewoods used were selected from the best of the best that we have in the shop and the top was hand carved both externally and internally in a manner that maximizes the overall resonance of the instrument. Taking the shape of an Anthony Jackson Presentation, its body is both larger and deeper.

Tonally it is flat out awe inspiring…offering the most consistent, nuanced, deep sound we have ever heard from one of our instruments.