1. Best basses in the world

    I am most thankful to be part of such a loving and professional family that just so happens to craft the best Basses in the world. I proudly play my bass at every session that I get hired for, and look so forward to adding my new Fodera bass to my sub-sonic  arsenal of sound.…Read More

    Prescott Niles - December 2010
  2. Can’t wait to use her on the record

    Please thank the team for this incredible instrument. Can't wait to use her on the record.…Read More

    Mitchell K. - November 2010

      I received my bass 1 hour ago!!!!! It's an AMAZING instrument, it looks so beautiful!!!! Sound - it`s fantastic!! Amazing!! I don't know, how to tell you about my emotions!? It has surpassed all my expectations!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! Thanks a lot employees of FODERA!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!…Read More

    Valery U. - October 2010
  4. Sounds as good as it looks!

    I just picked up my Fodera at the office today. I took my AG500-112C combo along so I could play it right there. Man! The top is beautiful, and it sounds as good as it looks. It has the exact Fodera tone I was hoping for ... real clean from bottom to top. One thing that really stands out is the setup you did on it. The action is just perfect for me. None of my other basses have that Fodera/Pope to…Read More

    Mike - August 2010
  5. You’re the best

    You're the best.  Seriously.…Read More

    Leo K. - April 2010
  6. Thanks so much

      Thanks so much for allowing us to visit Fodera last week.  I learned a lot about your manufacturing process and was very glad to be able to play your basses to help narrow in on the sound I am looking for.  Your assessment of the pros and cons of going with each combination of wood was invaluable.  I am very happy with my selections and look forward to owning a Fodera in the near future! Ple…Read More

    Rob K. - March 2010
  7. Serious personal attention

    Thanks again for the serious personal attention, and hospitality. It was so great to meet you finally. We made it home safe and sound and the bass feels super sweet. You guys rock :)…Read More

    Tim P. - March 2010
  8. Extraordinary

    I wanted to thank you for making such extraordinary instruments with such love and artistry. My husband bought a used Victor Wooten Monarch a couple of years ago and Joey refinished it for him to like new condition a while back. He loved that instrument and had many, many, many hours of pleasure playing on it. He passed away very suddenly just a few days ago and I wanted to tell you how much joy h…Read More

    Frances B. - March 2010
  9. Safe and Sound

    My Fodera arrived safe and sound this morning, no problems whatsoever. It's absolutely beautiful. I still can't believe it's actually here!  Thank you so much, the bass is stunning!…Read More

    David S. - February 2010
  10. Great Setup

    Thank you for the great setup on my bass yesterday. It feels great! The usual attention to detail that only the Fodera staff can provide.…Read More

    Frank D. - January 2010