1. Amazing instrument

    I firstly wanted to thank and congratulate you and the team on creating such an amazing instrument.  I received my Emperor Standard last month and I am completely blown away by how amazing it feels, looks, and sounds.  It is bizarre how you never really understand your potential in bass playing until you get that 'right' bass in your hands.  I've been playing bass for 15 years (10 of those prof…Read More

    Even B. - October 2012
  2. It exceeds my expectations

    Wow! It exceeds my expectations. I know you call it a "standard model" but this meets every criteria for a high-end custom bass. Besides, I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you!…Read More

    James W. - October 2012
  3. Worth every penny

      Thank you. You guys are worth every penny.…Read More

    Anthony G. - September 2012
  4. GORGEOUS!!!!!

    GORGEOUS!!!!! Got my new bass today! It exceeded my expectations. It is just beautiful and sounds incredible! Thanks a million for finishing it so fast. I am grateful for my new source of inspiration.…Read More

    Gerardo C. - July 2012
  5. This bass is absolute perfection

    Wow, this thing is a DREAM!!! Incredibly clear, crisp tone all across the fingerboard and NO BUZZ!!! I can get the fat low tone I'm looking for with the neck pickup and the high solo tone I need with the bridge pickup. Sounds better than I could have imagined! I do feel like I have to search a little more with these pickups for just the right tone, but I can still get it and that's what counts. Th…Read More

    Joe B. - May 2012
  6. Thank you and the entire crew SO much!!!

      I received the bass just a while ago. Its spectacular! Stunning in every way…. and I'm really glad I went with the 34" scale. I had forgotten how nicely the Monarch fits me. This bass is off the charts…. I needed the lower weight, ergonomics and scale change even more than I realized…. this is so comfortable. I'm beyond words…beautiful…. thank you and the entire crew SO much!!!…Read More

    Garey N. - February 2012
  7. Everything I wanted

    I've had my new bass for a couple of weeks now and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. It is everything I wanted from this order and more. The wood combo is stunning both visually and to the ear. It has the deep punch I was looking for. I have a soft attack and this bass gives me plenty of growl. And the slap sound........ What can I say. Even Marcus miller would envy this bass.…Read More

    Roger W. - November 2011
  8. Cannot even describe how perfect this bass is

    Just a very quick note to tell you that my bass arrived safe and sound.  And it is THE most spectacular instrument of any kind that I have ever played!  I cannot even describe how perfect this bass is.  If you've ever made a more perfect bass, I don't know what that could be like.  But I just had to tell you how thrilled I am with this bass.  It could not be more perfect.…Read More

    Curtis B. - November 2011
  9. Incredible

    I can let you have it when I feel things are not fair or aren't going as promised or anticipated. But I can also give recognition when things go above and beyond expectations. That is how I feel about my bass. It is, in a word...... incredible. I never knew an instrument could be so compelling, so articulate, so........lovely! And I treat it so! Never before have I had this type of relationship wi…Read More

    Emanuel G. - August 2011
  10. Beautiful Bass

    My beautiful bass showed up yesterday afternoon.   I spent the better part of the evening getting to know her.  And, I must say I am more than 100% satisfied so far.  I dialed in an EQ setting that I liked and spent the rest of the time just playing.  That is exactly what I was going for.…Read More

    Thomas W. - August 2011