1. It exceeds my expectations

    Wow! It exceeds my expectations. I know you call it a "standard model" but this meets every criteria for a high-end custom bass. Besides, I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you!…Read More

    James W. - October 2012
  2. Worth every penny

      Thank you. You guys are worth every penny.…Read More

    Anthony G. - September 2012
  3. GORGEOUS!!!!!

    GORGEOUS!!!!! Got my new bass today! It exceeded my expectations. It is just beautiful and sounds incredible! Thanks a million for finishing it so fast. I am grateful for my new source of inspiration.…Read More

    Gerardo C. - July 2012
  4. This bass is absolute perfection

    Wow, this thing is a DREAM!!! Incredibly clear, crisp tone all across the fingerboard and NO BUZZ!!! I can get the fat low tone I'm looking for with the neck pickup and the high solo tone I need with the bridge pickup. Sounds better than I could have imagined! I do feel like I have to search a little more with these pickups for just the right tone, but I can still get it and that's what counts. Th…Read More

    Joe B. - May 2012
  5. Thank you and the entire crew SO much!!!

      I received the bass just a while ago. Its spectacular! Stunning in every way…. and I'm really glad I went with the 34" scale. I had forgotten how nicely the Monarch fits me. This bass is off the charts…. I needed the lower weight, ergonomics and scale change even more than I realized…. this is so comfortable. I'm beyond words…beautiful…. thank you and the entire crew SO much!!!…Read More

    Garey N. - February 2012
  6. Everything I wanted

    I've had my new bass for a couple of weeks now and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. It is everything I wanted from this order and more. The wood combo is stunning both visually and to the ear. It has the deep punch I was looking for. I have a soft attack and this bass gives me plenty of growl. And the slap sound........ What can I say. Even Marcus miller would envy this bass.…Read More

    Roger W. - November 2011
  7. Cannot even describe how perfect this bass is

    Just a very quick note to tell you that my bass arrived safe and sound.  And it is THE most spectacular instrument of any kind that I have ever played!  I cannot even describe how perfect this bass is.  If you've ever made a more perfect bass, I don't know what that could be like.  But I just had to tell you how thrilled I am with this bass.  It could not be more perfect.…Read More

    Curtis B. - November 2011
  8. Incredible

    I can let you have it when I feel things are not fair or aren't going as promised or anticipated. But I can also give recognition when things go above and beyond expectations. That is how I feel about my bass. It is, in a word...... incredible. I never knew an instrument could be so compelling, so articulate, so........lovely! And I treat it so! Never before have I had this type of relationship wi…Read More

    Emanuel G. - August 2011
  9. Beautiful Bass

    My beautiful bass showed up yesterday afternoon.   I spent the better part of the evening getting to know her.  And, I must say I am more than 100% satisfied so far.  I dialed in an EQ setting that I liked and spent the rest of the time just playing.  That is exactly what I was going for.…Read More

    Thomas W. - August 2011
  10. This is perfect

    They nailed it man..   This is perfect...  I can reach every note with ease.  Just played for an hour and it didn't hurt my hands at all. Tone is amazing.  I am going to start gigging with it right away. I love the string spacing, nut, 24th width, bridge spacing all perfect for me..   Zero transition going from the 4 to the 5.  It falls perfectly under my fingers.  The weight (or lack the…Read More

    Guy L. - December 2010