I wish you readers could play it!

It’s been a great honor to be one of the first people here in the NYC area to get a Fodera Guitar endorsement. I’ve known the folks at Fodera for years having played in many bands with legendary bassist and Fodera cofounder Joey Lauricella. For those of you who haven’t met Vinny Fodera he’s the most beautiful man you’d ever want to meet and the most amazing master luthier in the NYC and beyond area. Jason DeSalvo, the other partner is a true gentleman and also my pal BUT…. this article is not about how amazing the owners of Fodera are or about how much I love them. It’s about the guitars they create and believe me, I’m a tough critic! I’ve assembled the three of my previous guitars and I know what goes into building a guitar. That’s why, as much as I was thrilled when I was offered the Fodera Guitar endorsement, I knew when I got the guitar I would have to take some hard looks at it….

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Dave Fields