I cannot tell you how pleased I am



I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my Emperor 5 Special Edition that I just received. I have not been able to put it down. I am finding myself playing the bass every chance I get since it arrived. My wife thinks I should have married it since she has not seen much of me lately. I will tell you I have been playing bass over 30 years and never in my life have I owned such an instrument in terms of tone, playability, and versatility. I am totally thrilled to say the least. Who ever thought I could go between a “Killer” Jazz bass tone to a massive “Dual Coil” tone with a flip of a switch. I can play anything from a funky Marcus Miller tune to a Gospel Track on Sunday and nail both types of tone with one bass. I have owned over 20 basses over the years and can tell you – others have tried but no one has nailed the formula like you all with the Fodera Emperor Standard 5 Special Edition.

Vance E. - October 2013