Choosing to part with your Fodera guitar is never an easy decision. However, should the time come that you need to move on (hopefully so that we can work together to craft your next instrument), we hope that you will seriously consider the Fodera Certified Pre-Owned Program.

The Fodera Certified Pre-Owned Program

Fodera Guitar Partners, LLC provides existing owners of Fodera instruments a way to sell or consign their instruments to us by participating in our Certified Pre-Owned Instrument Program. Participation in the Certified Pre-Owned Program allows a new purchaser to buy your instrument directly from Fodera and includes a comprehensive Limited Warranty directly from Fodera that is exactly the same as our New Instrument Warranty. Generally these instruments will command a significantly higher price in the used instrument market than you could achieve by selling your instrument directly. In order for your instrument to be eligible for this program it must be:

  • Owned by you with no liens or money owed to any other person or entity (proof of this may be required).
  • In generally outstanding condition and exactly the same condition you represent to us at the time that we agree to accept it for purchase or consignment. All issues with the instrument whether cosmetic or mechanical, must be thoroughly identified on the form that you send us prior to agreeing to accept your instrument for this program.
  • Not have been listed for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Talk Bass, or any other similar public sale or trading-related forum for at least 60 days prior to your decision to work through our Certified Pre-Owned Program.

We accept instruments in the following two ways:

Outright Purchase

With this option we mutually agree on a purchase price that we will pay you in full within one week of the receipt of your instrument and verification that it is in exactly the same condition that you described to us.

All expenses to refurbish the instrument prior to our reselling it as a Certified Pre-Owned Instrument are ours as are any profits that we make on the sale.


With this option, we accept your instrument on a consignment basis. You pay for the costs of refurbishing your instrument so that it meets the standards of our Certified Pre-Owned Program. We will not perform any work prior to providing you with an estimate of the cost of such work and your agreeing that it is acceptable for us to perform the work.

We will then market your instrument as a Certified Pre-Owned Fodera. If we are successful at selling your instrument, we will retain 20% of the final sales price as our fee for this service and you will receive 80% of the sales price within one week of the sale.

Should your instrument not sell within thirty (30) days from the time that we begin marketing it, we may return it to you at our option and at your expense (for shipping).

Download our Certified Pre-Owned Inquiry Form. If you have any questions about our resell program, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We generally respond to completed forms within no more than two (2) business days.