We are pleased to present the latest Select model – the Box Elder Burl Imperial 5 Select!

Our Select Series instruments provide us with an opportunity to build small runs of Custom instruments where, much like with the Standard Line, we control all aspects of the specifications. Building in a batch format along with not having to worry about changing any specs throughout the batch enables us to save time and costs which we can pass along to you. These basses feature chambered Walnut bodies with Alder tone blocks, Red Oak necks, and Ebony fingerboards. This wood combination is something we have been using more frequently on custom models in the past year or so, so it seemed only natural that we use it on our latest run of Selects! These woods give this instrument a rich, warm, and wonderfully articulate tone, with deep punchy lows, warm mids, and clear, bell-like highs. The chambered body has the added effect of adding a certain openness to the overall sound that we personally are in love with! These selects also feature presentation-grade Box Elder Burl solid tops. Box Elder is a light, soft top wood so it sonically gets out of the way and allows the rest of the tonal mix to really shine through!

We only have two instruments available so act fast and don’t miss an opportunity to purchase this incredible bass!

Click here to order you Box Elder Burl Imperial 5 Select!