img-6386-edit-editNAMM 2016 Team Basses

Each year, we design and build a number of Custom basses specifically to showcase and sell at the NAMM Show, one of the largest music trade shows on the planet.  Since these custom instruments are not built for specific customers, Joey, Vinny, and Jason have historically chosen the specs for them.  This year the entire team was given a chance to be involved in the design process.  The team split into several groups, and each group was charged with working with the partners to design one of our 2016 NAMM basses. We had a great time and designed some truly unique and outstanding instruments, showcasing the passion of the individuals who make up our small company!

img-6400-edit-editTeam Vinny, Joey, and Jason

img-3795-edit-finalTeam Andres and James

img-4765-edit-edit-2Team Emily and Jordan

img-4697-edit-edit(SOLD) Team Adam and Aaron

img-2849-edit-edit-2Team Laura, Phil, and Chris

img-6207-edit-edit(SOLD) Team Rob and Dan

Additional NAMM Basses