Thank you everyone who made our Winter NAMM Show a great success! Check out our Facebook Album to see what went on at the show: Fodera at Winter NAMM 2014!

emperor-6-stanard-titleNAMM 2014 The Emperor 6 Standard

The first in our Standard line to have a 6 String configuration, our goals for the E6S were identical to what we strove to achieve with the E5S – tonal flexibility, outstanding playability and the pro-player reliability that has been one of the hallmarks of Fodera for over thirty years.Place your deposit today!

tks-title-photoNAMM 2014 The Tom Kennedy Standard

The first of it’s kind, the Tom Kennedy Standard has an Emperor II Single Cut design with a Bolt-On neck construction. A true Fodera evolution. Combine this with a 5A Flame Maple top, Ash body, and Ebony fingerboard…. how can you resist? Place your deposit today!

namm-1-title-picNAMM 2014 Bass #1 
The Amboyna Burl Monarch 4 Elite

The first bass in our NAMM 2014 Series! This instrument sports an ever so beautiful Amboyna Burl topwood, a classic Ash body, and a particularly articulate Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.

namm-2-title-photoNAMM 2014 Bass #2
The Bastogne Walnut Imperial 5 Elite

The second installment of our NAMM 2014 Series is the beautiful Bastogne Walnut Imperial 5 Elite! A rarely used topwood, the Bastogne Walnut is a beautifully figured relation to Crotch Walnut. Rounding out the specs, this instrument has an especially stunning Birdseye Maple fingerboard and a classic Ash body  and Alder tone block combination.

namm-3-title-photoNAMM 2014 Bass #3
The Holly Emperor II 5 Elite

The third NAMM 2014 bass is the Holly Emperor II 5 Elite! The understated beauty of a clean Holly top, bright tonal qualities from the Ebony fingerboard, and a Mahogany body with a midrange to die for, a stunning addition in every way.

namm-4-title-photoNAMM 2014 Bass #4
The Buckeye Burl Emperor 5 Elite

Fourth in this lineup is a NAMM Bass that needs no introduction, the Buckeye Burl Emperor 5 Elite! Built with a light Buckeye Burl Top, this blonde beauty includes an Indian Rosewood fingerboard, Alder body, and matching Alder tone block.

namm-5-title-photoNAMM 2014 Bass #5
The Buckeye Burl Matt Garrison Signature Imperial

The fifth NAMM bass we’d like to present to you is our first and only signature model in our 2014 roster, the Buckeye Burl Matt Garrison Signature Imperial. Not your typical shade for MG Signature, this bass has a light Buckeye Burl Topwood, along with it’s signature specs of an Ebony fingerboard, Ash body, and Alder tone block.

namm-6-title-photoNAMM 2014 Bass #6
The Amazon Rosewood Imperial 5 Elite (MG Shape)

Number six in our line up is beauty beyond compare. An Amazon Rosewood Imperial 5 Elite (MG Shape). Borrowing it’s shape from a Matt Garrison Signature, this Impeiral has a stunning Amazon Rosewood top, Ash body with a Swamp Ash tone block, and articulate Amazon Rosewood fingerboard.

namm-7-title-photoNAMM 2014 Bass #7
The Spalted Maple Monarch 4 Deluxe

Namm bass #7 is a beautiful example of having the full package. With a stunning Spalted Maple topwood, Alder body, and Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, it’s an instrument that keeps you coming back for more.

namm-8-title-photoNAMM 2014 Bass #8
The Koa Imperial 5 Elite (MG Shape)

The final NAMM Bass of 2014 is the beautiful Koa Imperial 5 Elite (MG Shape)! A Koa top is really soemthing to admire. Combine that with a Mahogany body, Ash tone block, and Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, you have a force to be reckoned with!