2018 NAMM instrument #3 is an Emperor II 5-string featuring a Walnut body, Roasted Ash tone block, Madagascar Kingwood fingerboard.  Tonally, this bass is warm and focused, with a deep, fat low end, subtly-compressed midrange, and even, nuanced upper register.  This instrument has a roundness and growl that one might associate with a traditional Rosewood-fingerboard bass, but with additional tightness due to the Walnut and Roasted Ash body.
Just as it was designed to sound amazing, this NAMM bass was also spec’d to be visually stunning.  A  non-solid Masur Birch loaded with gorgeous flame figure is matching with wooden pickup covers, and complimented by the Gold-Lip Pearl inlays on the fingerboard and headstock.  The special 5-piece neck, two pieces of Maple with a Red Oak center and Wenge stringers, creates a classic non-solid look that we just love!


  • Emperor II
  • 5-string
  • 34″ scale length
  • 24-frets (large), 17.5 mm string spacing
  • Neck-through
  • Masur Birch top (non-solid)
  • Walnut Body
  • Roasted Ash toneblock
  • Madagascar Kingwood fingerboard, Gold Pearl dot inlays
  • 5-pc Maple/ Wenge / Red Oak neck
  • Fodera / Pope Custom 3-band preamp
  • Emperor control layout
  • Fodera / Seymour Duncan Dual Coil pickups