Bassist Dylan DeBaise recently put together this great performance and video of his song “Mathematics” using a new set of our handcrafted Fodera Strings!  Dylan’s performance and composition really let these strings sing and we are honored that Dylan would choose to be a Fodera customer.  Dylan was kind enough to share some of his thoughts on his new set:

“I’m absolutely loving the tone and feel of the Fodera round wound strings.  I have had a lot of trouble in the past finding a string set that had just the right amount of punch and clarity on the highs and yet still delivered full, warm lows.  The Fodera round wounds deliver exactly this, and the combination makes these the perfect strings for both my solo work and compositions, as well as any gig with bands of all styles.  It is truly rare to find a sound this rich.  I had been playing flat wounds for a while before these, never believing round wound strings could be made to sound this good!  I am simply amazed by the versatility of these strings.”

“The Fodera round wounds have held up incredibly well after having them on my bass for over two months.  Often with other brands I find the window for getting a great sound from a set of strings can be as little as two weeks before their tone begins to fade.  Additionally, I find myself dealing with no fraying or dead notes; two things that after a month or so I almost always encounter.  The sound of the Fodera strings has anything but deadened. It feels like the depth in the sound of the strings has in fact continued to grow as I familiarize myself with them.  They really latch on to my instrument and personal style.  The strings show almost no sign of wear and have continued to produce the crisp tone that I achieved after only a couple of practice sessions to break them in.

Check out the video below and more of Dylan’s performances on his YouTube Channel!