Created alongside world renowned session bassist, James Genus, the James Genus Signature Emperor is designed to offer players a go-to bass, able to cover a wide variety of styles and tones.  It has also been specifically designed with comfort in mind giving players a broken-in feel right out of the case. Blending features from two of his past Fodera’s, this signature model is the culmination of a host many smaller details leading up to a simple yet feature packed bass.

With its Ash body and Maple tone-block this bass provides a tight and punchy low-end great for both slap and fingerstyle players. It’s matched to a 3-piece Maple neck capped with an old-growth Pau Ferro fingerboard giving a smooth yet articulate attack and top end. Rounding out the woods is a solid Curly Maple top for a classic look and sound. For pickups, a set of Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil pickups were chosen for their growl and vintage correct J-bass tone. These are placed in a unique pickup placement that’s dialed in to James’ taste. Overall the pickups are placed further towards the neck achieving a full sounding bridge pickup tone while also providing a deep neck pickup tone. Paired with our Fodera Custom Preamp, this bass can be dialed in for just about every setting and situation.

Comfort, playability, and ergonomics are key features of the James Genus Signature Emperor. To achieve this, the body thickness has been reduced to 1.5″ and the body edges have been greatly rounded over for extra comfort in the back and arm slope of the bass. This also helps to reduce the overall weight of the bass and improves it’s overall balance.  Additionally, the end of the fingerboard has been rounded over for greater comfort when slapping. For the side dots, extra large Aluminum dot inlays were chosen for their high reflectivity and ease of view when navigating the fingerboard in dim lighting.  Finally, the bass features a custom thin neck profile with a softer volute and rounded fingerboard edges for an incredibly fast playing and comfortable neck.


  • Emperor body shape
  • Ash body, Maple toneblock
  • Curly Maple topwood
  • 3-piece Maple neck w/ Pau Ferro Fingerboard
  • Available in 36″ (James Genus spec) or 34″ scale lengths
  • 24-frets (small) 19.0mm string spacing
  • Mother of Pearl dot inlay w/ Aluminum side dots
  • Modern Wooden Butterfly
  • Vintage Tint finish
  • Fodera / Seymour Duncan Dual Coil pickups
  • Fodera 3-band Custom Preamp
  • Gold Hardware