Introducing the Yin Yang Standard Special, Available Exclusively at Sweetwater!

Last year we introduced the latest iteration of Victor Wooten’s signature Yin Yang Deluxe in response to Victor’s ever-pursuit of a broader and more unique range of tones. Incorporating new pickups and a never before used tone-wood combination for our Yin Yang series.  We’re excited to make that experience available now as part of our Standard Series with the new Yin Yang Standard Special, available exclusively at Sweetwater!  The Yin Yang Standard Special is built using the same specifications as Victor’s personal bass, featuring a semi-hollow, premium Walnut body, Spalted Maple topwood, and a Red Oak neck, capped with an Ebony fingerboard.  Tonally this instrument delivers deep, rich, articulate lows with wonderful presence and piano-like clarity in the upper register. In addition, the chambering to the Walnut body can definitely be heard and adds just the right amount of “air” to the overall sound.  For the electronics package it features a pair of our proprietary Seymour Duncan dual-coil pickups in Yin Yang pickup spacing alongside our proprietary Fodera/Pope Standard 3-band preamp to provide you with maximum tonal flexibility.

For more information on how you can purchase the Yin Yang Standard Special, visit or contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today!