Fodera Imperial Guitar

While our custom bass guitars have been the hallmark of our company, our co-founder Vinny Fodera is in fact an electric guitar player. Fodera’s team of luthiers combine over 30 years of innovative design, building, and real world playing experience to handcraft custom electric guitars suited for your individual playing style and working needs. Using the same materials and crafted by the same men and women as our custom bass guitar line, our Fodera Electric Guitars are custom-tailored for you to offer a lifetime of playing enjoyment.

This particular guitar – demo’d by our own William DeYoung – is Vinny’s personal Koa Imperial Deluxe. It features a chambered Walnut body with a carved Flame Koa top and a Walnut / Brazilian Cherry neck w/ an Ebony fingerboard. The electronics package includes a set of Seymour DuncanSH-11 and SH-14 pickups wired in passive.

We ran this custom guitar through a mic’d 35w Sky King Tone King Amplifier and a trio of Walrus Audio pedals including their Bellweather Delay, Voyager Overdrive, and Messner Overdrive.

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