Building basses that help musicians shape their musical voice has been a passion of ours since 1983. Today we are very proud to present to you our 4,000th Custom instrument or, as we affectionately call it, #4,000.

Our Monarch design was our very first bass design and the second instrument that we ever built was a Monarch Bass (#1 was a guitar). Our original goals were simple — build an instrument that is a joy to play, sounds fabulous and is very flexible tonally. This is the same approach that we take to building today, 3,999 instruments later. Your Fodera should be an extension of you. It should make you dig deeper as a player. It should make you want to explore. Thirty-two years down the road and we still consider it a gift to be able to work with our customers on their Custom builds. Our job is generally to get out of the way and bring your playing vision to life. That said, once every 1,000 instruments we like to revisit our roots and build one that is similar to our first bass. So, below you will find some photos of both #3,000 and #4,000 — built almost exactly six years apart

img-6110Bass #3000

Like our first bass, both #3,000 and #4,000 have Mahogany bodies, flame Koa tops and Rosewood fingerboards — although #3,000 and #4,000 feature Brazilian Rosewood fingerboards (CITES Certified, of course). #4000 however is the first to feature a Korina tone block.


Each instrument has its own flower inlay centered on the 12th fret and a line of Abalone around the edge of the fingerboard. Finally, the Roman Numeral for 3,000 (MMM) and 4,000 (MMMM) adorns the end of the fingerboard of each instrument. #4,000 also has a five-piece, highly figured neck, wooden back panel and our original, large Butterfly logo on its peghead. [As an interesting aside, for anyone reading this that loves the flower inlay on #4,000, we actually cut two nearly identical inlays and still have one available to use on another instrument — click here to email us for more details].