We’re excited to announce that our Emperor and Monarch Standard Classics are now shipping! Announced at this year’s Winter NAMM show, the Standard Classics features the very best of our 31 years of building experience in an instrument that blends the tone, playability and pro-player reliability bass players have come to expect from Fodera with a more traditional, “Classic” look that will be at home in any playing situation.

As you probably know, every one of our Custom instruments has been built by hand in Brooklyn, New York. The vast majority of these instruments have featured tops made from various exotic woods from all over the world. As much as this has historically been our “look,” there have been many players over the years that have expressed the desire to play a Fodera but either due to the requirements of their gig, or purely based on personal taste, want a more “traditional” looking instrument. The Standard Classics are designed to meet this need.

Check our dealer listings to find the closest Fodera Dealer near you and test drive one today!