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Fodera proprietary preamps are designed to react to both the individual playing style and musical setting any player may ever find themselves in.  Combining 30+ years of real-world feedback and engineering by Fodera artist Mike Pope, our preamp showcases the true tone of the instrument rather than coloring it. Utilizing up to 4-band of EQ with carefully selected frequency points, Fodera preamps offer players enhanced flexibility and with 18v of power, provide ample headroom from clubs to stadiums. 

Custom Preamp CTA

The Fodera Custom Shop Internal Preamp is made from the finest components available. It was conceived jointly by Joey Lauricella and many of the great players who are part of the Fodera Family, and it was designed by bassist Mike Pope.  Our current preamp is made up of two discrete modes, one passive and one active and are optimized to work with each other seamlessly.

Guide to the Fodera Custom Shop Internal Preamp

2010 and Later Preamp Instructions

Bass Guitar Pickup Circuitry Closeup

Flexible EQ

Via a series of jumper switches, players have the option to tailor our 3-band EQ to their taste. Each of the three bands of EQ are user selectable for your specific tonal needs. 

Bass - 12db cut and boost at 46Hz or 90Hz 

Treble - 15db cut and boost at 6kHz ot 10kHz

Midrange - Switchable between low and high mids via the Mid Selector switch. Low Mids: 12db cut and boost at 330Hz or 473Hz. High Mids: 15db cut and boost at 1kHz or 1.8kHz. 

Bass Guitar Power Pack Closeup

18v Battery System

Our Custom preamp is powered by 18v which provides more than ample headroom  for even the most nuanced playing situation. When in passive mode, the preamp will draw little current in order to guarantee a longer battery life when  your preamp is entirely active. 

Bass Guitar Control Knob Closeup

True Passive Tone Control

In both passive and active modes our preamp utilizes a vintage style tone control offering players an easy and familiar style of high-end roll off.  Additionaly, putting the bass in active mode simply inserts the preamp in between the passive circuit and the output jack. This means that in the event of battery failure, the bass will reamain operational in passive mode. 

Standard Preamp

The Standard Preamp was designed for us by Mike Pope to be a flexible and simplified alternative to the Fodera Custom Shop Preamp. Offering full three-band EQ functionality and a neutral sonic signature, the Fodera Standard  Preamp is built from premium materials and offers unmatched value. This preamp can be used in either active or passive mode.

Guide to the Fodera Standard Internal Preamp

To see the Overview of the Standard Internal Bass Preamp components, click here!

Bass Guitar Output Jack Closeup

3-Band EQ

Our Standard Preamp comes with 3-bands of EQ which have been carefuly selected to offer a neautral sonic pallette. It is a highly musical sounding preamp that is designed to enhance rather than color the natural tone of your bass.  

Low Noise Floor, Premium Components, 18v System

Our Standard Preamp is built using ultra premium components based around an 18v system. The combination of these elements create not only a reliable preamp but also one with a very low noise floor and clean and powerful output. 



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