For some players, inlays are an aesthetic choice to contrast a chosen fingerboard. Whether it’s black dots on a maple board or mother-of-pearl dots against an 4bony board, the contrast serves a functional purpose for finger positioning. For others an inlay represents something much more personal and symbolic such as a name or symbol. At Fodera, we offer the option to have a custom inlay designed for your Custom bass or guitar using a variety of materials. Whether you want a small fingerboard inlay or something more ornate, we have the ability to design whatever you can dream of. Additionally, did you know that your butterfly on your Custom instrument is customizable? We offer you the ability to choose alternative materials for the wings and “F” on your butterfly to match your topwood, fingerboard, or to add a different aesthetic twist to the look of your Custom bass guitar.

We use a variety of materials for all of our inlays to achieve your desired look such as:

  • Mother of Pearl
  • Abalone
  • Various Stones and Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Wood (Non-CITES)

Alternatively, inlays can be designed using other materials such as wood (non-CITES, to learn more about US Fish and Wildlife and CITES click here.), metals, stones, and synthetic materials such as pearloid or plastics for hassle-free shipping and travel.

Below are some examples of the various inlays we have done which could spark interest for your own design!  If you’d like to talk more with us about a custom inlay for your instrument, please contact or call the shop at 718 832 3455.