Last week Fodera had a very special visit!  Mike and Marc from Chicago Music Exchange made the eastbound journey to our little shop in Brooklyn to check out for themselves where the magic is made.  Earlier in the year, CME came aboard as an official Fodera dealer, carrying our new line of hand-crafted electric guitars, including the Emperor Classic and Imperial Guitar models.  This was the first time that either of them has visited the Fodera shop so, needless to say, we were very exited to show them around!  We had a great time time looking through topwoods for new builds, and their visit ended with a trip to our favorite pizza spot in Brooklyn.  Chicago Music Exchange currently has several Fodera guitars in stock, including the two gorgeous Imperial Customs featured below.

To see Chicago Music Exchange’s full line up of Foderas click here:


Masur Birch Imperial Custom   The first of CME’s guitars is this beautiful Masur Birch Imperial Custom. This guitar features a stunning Masur Birch top which has a unique blend of birdseye and burl figure throughout. When sprayed, Masur Birch takes on a wonderful golden color. For tonewoods, CME chose a more traditional recipe with a Mahogany body and neck as well as an Indian Rosewood fingerboard providing a thick low end with growling midrange. For pickups, Lollar Imperial Humbuckers were selected for their lower output reminiscent of vintage PAF’s providing great definition and presence. 



Redwood Burl Imperial Custom –   The second of CME’s guitars is this beautiful Redwood Burl Imperial Custom. This guitar features a rich Redwood Burl top with intricate figure throughout.  For tonewoods, CME chose a more modern combination with a Walnut body and neck as well as an Ebony fingerboard providing a tighter low end with a very glassy top end. Lollar Imperial Humbuckers again were selected adding to the guitars inherent definition making it especially great for chords and soloing.