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  1. Fodera at Wooten Woods

    Fodera Guitars and Victor Wooten join forces at Wooten Woods to celebrate their 36-year relationship. Come meet Vinny Fodera and Joey Lauricella, the creators of Fodera Guitars, as well as Jason DeSal…Read More

  2. Topwood Sale!

    Topwood Sale! We’ve selected a batch of stellar topwoods like Myrtle, Flame Koa, Brazilian Rosewood and more available as a FREE top upgrade for new Custom bass or guitar build and as a bonus, we’…Read More

  3. Vote Now On Our Next Standard Special!

    Our next Standard Special for Spring 2019 is right around the corner and this time around we want you to be the builder! For our next Standard Special we want to feature one of two of our favorite bod…Read More

  4. 50% Off Our Featured Topwoods!

    From now until the end of February these stunning tops are available for new Custom builds at 50% off! We’ve pulled out some incredible pieces including Golden Amboyna Burl, Flame Koa, Crotch Walnut…Read More

  5. February Custom Promotions

    Check out the latest Custom build promotions from the shop! This month we have some popular options to choose from including FREE upgrades on all wooden pickup covers, Birdseye Maple fingerboards, an…Read More

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