We’re honored to have Tom Bowlus and the Bass Gear Magazine team review our Yin Yang Standard Series I and II basses! In this article, not only does Tom review each instrument respectively, but also helps to answer the age old question: Does tone wood matter?. Both of our Yin Yang 4-string basses share the exact same electronics, hardware, and pickups, yet differ in its wood combination. This article gives a comprehensive description of each combination and offers some better language to help choose the tone/ wood combination that best suits you.

“To anyone who thinks that choice of body woods does not impact tone, or anyone who thinks that the different woods selected for each YYS model are for aesthetic reasons only, I invite you to perform your own head-to-head. The sonic differences are immediately apparent and significant” – Tom Bowlus

Also, we are very honored to share that both of our Yin Yang basses received a 5 out of 5 score for both in-hand and technical reviews! Only 3 basses have ever been reviewed perfectly by BGM and we’re proud to say they are all Foderas!

“The Standard series of basses from Fodera put these fantastic instruments within the reach of even more players, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. In fact, these are the first products ever reviewed by Bass Gear Magazine to score perfect 5’s in both the in-hand and technical reviews (Fodera’s Matt Garrison Standard was the first bass to achieve this on the technical review side of the equation). Well done!” – Tom Bowlus

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