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Olympic White Emperor Classic Guitar

This mint-condition Emperor Classic Guitar offers the classic sparkle and chime of ‘60’s and ‘70’s blues and surf sounds with added tonal flexibility for today’s player. Using premium, hand-selected Alder bodies and Indian Rosewood fingerboard paired with a 3-piece Birdseye Maple neck and angled back headstock, this Emperor guitar offers a rich, balanced, and even tone. With its unique pickup and contol layout this guitar provides a much broarder tonal pallette compared to traditional s-style guitars, all handcrafted in our Brooklyn shop.

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Burmese Sal Viceroy 5 Elite

This instrument features some of the new and interesting materials that we have received in the past few years, such as the Roasted Ash body, Black Limba Korina tone block, and Burmese Sal top.  Tonally, this instrument is tight and punchy, with a dark, thunderous low end, snappy, articulate highs, and a natural mid-scoop.  This instrument begs to be played in a big setting, where it can cut through the mix and be a rock-solid support to a big band or a choir, but it also shines in a quiet setting. Visually this bass bring a lot to the table, with a highly-figured Burmese Sal solid top complete with matching pickup covers and a 5A Birdseye Maple fingerboard with Black Pearl block inlays for a gorgeous and refined look.

Masterbuilt – “Woodblock”

Masterbuilt “Woodblock” – The image that Vinny chose to draw on this instrument was adapted from a photograph taken by Vadim of a Ukrainian Church in his hometown of Kiev. Vadim visits Ukraine often and the area surrounding the church adapted in the drawing is where he was born and raised. To create this image, a solid Holly top was chosen for its tight grain that would allow Vinny to draw with great detail various shades and textures using Prisma colored pencils. Considered by fine artists to be the best colored pencils available, these Prisma pencils allowed Vinny to replicate various color tones found in both Vadim’s original image as well as those found in Toshi Yoshida’s prints.

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Koa Emperor 5 Elite CPO

This Emperor 5 Elite features an Ash body, Alder tone block, and Ebony fingerboard. Tonally this bass is fairly bright and punchy with a deep, solid low end, precise mids, and clear, bell-like highs.  This instrument also features a stunning Flame Koa solid top with tight figure, complimented by black hardware.

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English Elm Emperor 5 Deluxe

This Emperor 5 Deluxe features a Mahogany body with an English Elm top and Ebony fingerboard. This bass has a rich, articulate tone with a warm, powerful low end, growling mid-range, and clear, bell-like highs. This instrument also features a top made from English Elm. While it’s not a wood we’ve had the opportunity to use many times, we were absolutely enamored with the results!

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