The Anthony Jackson Presentation II is our first complete, all-encompassing re-working of the original Presentation since its inception (as Number 7) in 1987-88.  In our ongoing work with Anthony, Number 7 followed Numbers 5 and 6 (“Anthony Jackson Contrabass”, 1984-1987).  The Presentation II encompasses the many changes made based on Anthony’s 17-year life with Number 10 (1996), including modifications to virtually every aspect of the instrument. This includes changes to the pickups, bridge, nut, wiring, frets, tuning machines, spacing and set-up, as well as the adoption of the “Hybrid” design.

Vinny and Joey’s discussion in 2006 with Anthony about plans to build a full (as opposed to a “semi”) hollow body instrument stirred a frenzy of planning–and dreaming. The first instrument using this build was made for Matthew Garrison and the transition from 33-inch to 36-inch scale and numerous other design refinements took place over the next 6 years – resulting in a transitional, “Hybrid” proof-of-concept contrabass guitar.  After our “heel-less” method of attaching a neck to hollow-body instrument was granted a U.S. Patent, the construction of the Presentation II began.

The Presentation II includes a new neck profile with increased thickness, a slight narrowing at the nut combined with an equally subtle widening at the 28th fret, a relocated truss rod, an increased headstock break angle (increased to 17 degrees – normally we use a 14 degree angle), an upgraded wiring specification, subtle rounding of strategic body edges for increased comfort, and a full basic hardware material uniformity – bridge and trussrod are all titanium.

Price – USD $35,200

Specs for the Anthony Jackson Presentation II:

  • Hybrid Design Alder Body
  • Hand Carved Holly Topwood and Back
  • 3pc Red Oak Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickup
  • 36″ inch scale, 28 large frets, 6-strings
  • 19.0mm String Spacing
  • Passive Electronics
  • Titanium Hardware