Q4 Standards
Between now and August 26th we will be taking orders for the following instruments:

That’s right, if you order your instrument in our webstore between now and August 26th, you have the opportunity to choose among every Standard that we offer PLUS a new Lacewood Emperor 5 Select and receive your new Fodera by the beginning of the new year. The only catch is that the total number of instruments we will build is always rather small and once we reach that number ordering for all Standards and the Select will be stopped. This may very well happen prior to August 26th, so don’t delay!

Introducing the Lacewood Emperor 5 Deluxe Select
First we would like to introduce the new Lacewood Emperor 5 Deluxe Select bass! Our Select Series instruments provide us with an opportunity to build small runs of Custom Shop instruments where, much like with the Standard Line, we control all aspects of the specifications. Building in a batch format along with not having to worry about changing any specs throughout the batch enables us to save time and costs which we can pass along to you.

Emperor 5 Select — $7,950 List Price

  • 5A Lacewood Top with Double Pinstripe between top and Body
  • Deluxe, Dovetail Neck Construction
  • White Limba (“Korina”) Body
  • 3-pc Hard Rock Maple Neck with Angled-back Peghead
  • Indian Rosewood FB with Mother-of-Pearl Dot Inlays
  • Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickups
  • Gold Custom Shop Fodera Hardware
  • 34″ scale, 24 Large Frets. 19.0mm String Spacing

Tonally White Limba sounds like a hypothetical blend of Ash and Mahogany providing some of the warmth of Mahogany with the percussive authority of Ash. All specifications of this small run of Emperor 5 Selects are identical to those found in our Deluxe (Dovetail neck joint) Custom instruments. As an added bonus, we will be using a double (black / maple) pinstripe between the body and top.

c95577ed-5c36-4b3f-92f6-0c4cd7f98e9ffeb0530c-3a46-4e44-9b95-969e606cf309Bass Gear Magazine Reviews the YYS Series
Bass Gear Magazine’s upcoming issue will feature an in-depth comparison review of both the original Yin Yang Standard (Alder body / Flame Maple top) and the Yin Yang Standard Series II (Walnut body / Pau Amarillo top). Both 4-string Yin Yang Standards received perfect 5.0 (out of 5.0) scores for BOTH Bass Gear Magazine’s technical and in-hand reviews. This is only the second and third time that this has happened in the history of Bass Gear Magazine — the first was back in 2012 when they reviewed our Matt Garrison Standard. Please check the Fodera Blog of our website frequently for all of the most up to date happenings around the shop. For those of you who do not already subscribe to Bass Gear, we will post a PDF version of the article as soon as we receive it.

A few quotes from the review:
“Being no stranger to high-quality instruments, I am still always impressed when I get the opportunity to try a new Fodera. Try as I might, I can find no nits to pick on either of these basses. The neck pockets are super tight, the fretwork is immaculate, and the finish on both the bodies and the necks is perfect.”

“Both iterations of the Ying Yang Standard are phenomenal basses, capable of a wide range of tones. They each play like a dream – with some of the most comfortable necks in the business – and are utterly free of unwanted noise.”

“The Standard series of basses from Fodera put these fantastic instruments within the reach of even more players, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

“Fodera has the only bass in Bass Gear Magazine history to score perfect marks in a technical review. This bass does it again. There is just nothing wrong with it. Every choice is right for the style of bass it is.”

“There is never a hair out of place with Fodera construction. Everything fits perfectly and looks amazing. No corners cut or compromises made.”­­portunity to try a new Fodera. Try as I might, I can find no nits to pick on either of these basses. The neck pockets are super tight, the fretwork is immaculate, and the finish on both the bodies and the necks is perfect.”

All of us here at Fodera are exceptionally proud of these kind words. We know that purchasing a Fodera is a significant decision for you and we take the responsibility that comes with earning your trust very seriously.