Start the new year off right with these great deals available for Custom bass and guitar builds! From topwoods to multi-piece necks, these are great options to get the Custom instrument you’ve always wanted. To learn more about these offers, contact

Multi-piece Necks

Fan of multi-piece necks? Well this month all multi-piece necks are available at 50% off (bolt-on, dovetail, neck-through) for all new Custom orders! We have a ton of great options from 5 to 11-piece necks in a variety of materials such as Ash, Maple, and Red Oak.

Maple Burl, Redwood Burl, Poplar Burl

While no two tops are ever alike, tops with burl figuring always present something extra unique to look at. This month Maple, Redwood, and Poplar Burl tops are available at 50% off for new Custom builds!

Non-Solid Tops

For the month of January all new Custom orders with non-solid tops are available at 10% off. With a non-solid top there are a ton of options to pick from in terms of materials AND it pairs perfectly with multi-piece necks!