Which part of a guitar’s construction affects its overall tone the most? The least? 

While all components are important in our opinion, the body wood of the instrument has the biggest impact on tone, the neck wood is second in order of importance, and the fingerboard, while still very significant, would be third.

Do the different body shapes have an impact on the sound of the instrument?

It can, depending not so much on the body shape, but structural style. For example, an Emperor Elite body shape will not sound significantly different from a Monarch Elite Body shape, if all other aspects are equal (i.e. tone woods, pickups, etc.). However, a single cut body such as the Imperial shape will provide slightly more sustain to the notes since more of the body is making contact with the neck.

How does the scale length impact the tone of the instrument?

A longer scale length creates a higher tension in the strings at a given pitch which produces a more robust sound on open strings.

What differences in sound are there between the different neck constructions? 

The theory goes, a neck-through construction has the most sustain, and a bolt-on construction has the least sustain. The dovetail construction lies somewhere in between the two. In the summer of 2012, we decided to put this theory to the test and built three virtually identical instruments with one distinct difference: the neck construction! We then lent them to our friend and Fodera Artist, Matt Garrison to record with all three so we could actually listen to the differences. You can listen to these recording for yourself on our SoundCloud page!