Here is a very rare opportunity to purchase a Hybrid for immeditate delivery! This Spruce Hybrid came to us through our Certified Pre Owned program and is in as-new condition and comes with our full instrument warranty. This 5-string Hybrid features an Alder body, Alder tone block, Ebony fingerboard, 3-piece Red Oak neck, and a Spruce top and back. It also features a single Duncan dual-coil pickup in the same location used on Anthony Jackson’s Presentation II, and totally passive electronics with no external controls.

Like the Presentation II and other Hybrids we have built, it is very difficult to capture the tone of this instrument with words. The sustain is incredible, and there is a depth and nuance to the tone that is unlike any solid-body instruments we make. We’re thankful for the opportunity to produce another of these incredibly challenging, but extremely rewarding instruments!


  • Alder Body, Alder Tone Block
  • Spruce Topwood
  • 3-pc Red Oak Neck, Ebony FB
  • Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickup in Wooden Pickup Cover
  • 36 inch scale, 28 large frets, 5-strings
  • Black Fodera 19.0mm Titanium Bridge
  • Passive Electronics

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