This Yin Yang Deluxe Monarch is another of the 2016 NAMM basses, and was designed with team members Adam and Aaron.  This bass features a Walnut body with an Ebony fingerboard, giving it a tone that is warm yet articulate with punchy lows, compressed mids, and clear, bell-like highs.  Inspired by some of the fascinating Yin Yang top configurations that we’ve been commissioned to build over the past few years, we chose the interesting (and beautiful) combination of Spalted Maple and Ebony for the top.
As an added aesthetic touch, the decision was made to put no inlays on the fingerboard, with the exception of a single Spalted Maple Yin Yang dot.  The inherent simplicity of the plain Ebony fingerboard and top wood juxtaposed against the complexity and chaotic character of Spalted Maple creates the unique look of this instrument and, in many ways, embodies the philosophical meaning behind the ancient symbol.
This instrument was also built with a 5-piece Maple neck with Ebony stringers, as well as wooden Yin Yang pickup covers.  Don’t forget to check out the close up pictures for a better look at that wonderful top!


  • Walnut Body
  • Spalted Maple / Ebony Topwood
  • 5-pc Maple Neck w/ Ebony Stringers, Ebony FB
  • Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickups in Wooden Pickup Covers
  • 34 inch scale, 24 large frets, 4-strings
  • Black Fodera 19.0mm Custom Bridge
  • Fodera / Pope 3-Band Custom Preamp
  • Monarch Control Layout