This Emperor II 5-string is one of our 2016 NAMM basses and was designed with team members Emily and Jordan.  This instrument features a Mahogany body, Mahogany tone block, and a Birdseye Maple fingerboard.  Tonally, this bass is rich and punchy, with a fat low end, growling mids, and percussive, articulate highs.  Duncan J/J single coils provide a decidedly “vintage” vibe for this build as well.
This bass also features a stunning solid Grenadillo top, loaded with sapwood and flame figure.  We loved the top wood so much, we used it to make wooden pickup covers as well as a back peghead veneer!  In addition, this instrument features a number of other aesthetic touches including black pearl block inlays, a 5-piece Maple neck with Bubinga stringers, and a very special wooden butterfly logo with an aluminum “f”!


  • Mahogany Body, Mahogany Tone Block
  • Grenadillo Topwood
  • 5-pc Maple Neck w/ Bubinga Stringers, Birdseye Maple FB
  • Seymour Duncan JJ Pickups in Wooden Pickup Covers
  • 34 inch scale, 24 large frets, 5-strings
  • Black Pearl Block Inlays
  • Black Fodera 19.0mm Custom Bridge
  • Fodera / Pope 3-Band Custom Preamp
  • Emperor Control Layout