Here is a Spec that we particularly love, but rarely get asked to build.  For whatever reason, the vast majority of the Emperor-shaped instruments that we build are 5-strings.  That said, the Emperor body shape works exceptionally well as a 4-string and Joey and I (Jason) really love the way it looks with the Matt Garrison control layout.

With its Ash body, Maple neck, Birdseye Maple fingerboard and Abalone Block inlays, this Fodera clearly owes some of its design cues to the great Jazz Basses of the 1970’s but in a package that is decidedly Fodera.  In single-coil mode, this 4-banger can be dialed-in for an exceptional slap tone while the Dual Coil Pickups and Custom Shop Preamp give the player all the flexibility they need for other tones and musical genres.

Specs for the Buckeye Burl Emperor 4 Elite:

Body Woods

  • Emperor
  • Ash Body
  • No Tone Block
  • Buckeye Burl Top (Solid)

Neck Woods

  • 3-pc Hard Rock Maple
  • Birdseye Maple Fingerboard
  • Abalone Block Inlays

Construction Specs

  • 34″ Scale Length
  • 4 String Configuration (19.0mm Spacing)
  • 24 Frets (Large)

Electronics Options

  • Fodera / Pope Custom 3-Band Preamp
  • Fodera Duncan Dual Coil Pickups
  • Matt Garrison Control Layout