Tonewoods are at the heart of every great electric instrument. At Fodera, we believe that a great electric instrument is a great acoustic instrument, and that the tonewood selection is critical to how an instrument performs regardless of what electronics are put in the instrument. We have developed wonderful relationships with our lumber suppliers over the years to ensure that only the best quality of materials are used on our instruments. Below is a list of tonewoods that we use for our instruments and some descriptions to help you determine which woods best suit your tonal needs.


A classic tonewood that is generally light in weight. Tonally, Alder is a warm sounding body wood with a good dose of low end and balanced mid and high frequencies. 


Another classic tonewood which can range in weight from medium-light to heavy.  Ash is a brighter body wood compared to Alder with a slightly scooped midrange and more pronounced high frequencies while still supporting the low frequencies well. 


A warm yet puchy sounding body wood that is heavier in weight compared to Alder and Ash.  Walnut supports low frequencies very well, has a compressed midrange, and a bright top end. 


A medium to heavy weight body wood. Mahogany is warm and full sounding wood with a rich lower midrange. 

Black Limba

A medium weight body wood that is visually appealing with black streaking throughout. Tonally Black Limba is similar to Mahogany with a pronounced midrange character and slighty muted highs.


A medium to heavy weight body wood.  Generally,  Korina is nearly identical tonally to Black Limba.  However, heavier / denser pieces will sound brighter. 

All of our Custom and Standard necks feature three-piece, quarter-sawn construction for enhanced stability and responsiveness.

Hard Rock Maple

A very hard and dense wood that yields a fast response with a punchy attack that is our go-to neck material. 

Northern Ash

A dense material that has a more open tone compared to Maple with a pronounced lower midrange.

Red Oak

Similar in tone and density to Northern Ash yet with a pronounced upper midrange. 

Indian Rosewood

The warmest of the rosewoods which has a smooth and mellow top end.

Brazilian Rosewood

Very even and nuanced fingerboard that caries high frequencies very well. Cannot be sold to customers in the European Union due to CITES regulation.

Amazon Rosewood

Warm with a slightly wider tonal pallete than Indian RW and more pronounced highs.

Pau Ferro

Very dense and even. This material is a great compromise between rosewoods and a Maple fingerboard.


Very similar tonally to Brazilian Rosewood. Though it is CITES regulated, this material is allowed within the European Union and is a great alternative to Brazilian RW.

Birdseye Maple

A classic material that has a very bright, punchy, and snappy tone great for slap style playing.


Brightest of all the fingerboards. Very articulate with a clear bell-like quality.

Pink Ivory

Very similar articulation to Ebony yet slightly warmer.  Tonally sits in between Maple and Ebony.

A toneblock is the center portion of a three-piece neck-through body, onto which the outer body wings are glued.  With toneblocks, you are able to further sculpt your desired tone by pairing different tonewoods for various combinations.  The toneblock will either subtract or add certain characteristics to the body wood.  Love the warmth and low end of Mahogany but desire a bit more punch and top end?  With the toneblock you can add a denser wood such as Maple to add some of those brighter and punchier nuances.  Below is a list of available toneblocks:

Toneblock Options

Alder, Ash, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Black Limba, Korina


We have a wide variety of topwoods available for Custom Foderas. Generally speaking, topwoods do not have a large affect on the tone of instrument, however, dense topwoods such as olive wood, ebony, and denser burl woods will affect the tone by adding more high end to the instrument.  To view a selection of some of the topwoods currently available, visit our topwood gallery by clicking here!


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