I can’t imagine playing anything else

All I can say is it's been a great year putting this [bass] together. The time you took to continually find selections of wood is greatly appreciated. But what is a look if it doesn't play well, that would be akin to having a Ferrari with a Yugo engine in it. I can report that it sounds better than it looks (and that is saying loads). It, literally, plays itself smooth, fast, and bright without be…Read More

Derek R. - July 2014

I am truly overwhelmed by the genuine care

I am truly overwhelmed by the genuine care and absolute dedication of everyone at Fodera - one probably finds people like you guys maybe once in a lifetime (if one is lucky enough!) - I was very worried about my bass choice from the start, since I am a highly anxious person and a perfectionist as well. After this morning's meeting I am so glad I chose Fodera. I believe I understand now what makes …Read More

Franz D. - June 2014

I cannot tell you how pleased I am

  I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my Emperor 5 Special Edition that I just received. I have not been able to put it down. I am finding myself playing the bass every chance I get since it arrived. My wife thinks I should have married it since she has not seen much of me lately. I will tell you I have been playing bass over 30 years and never in my life have I owned such an instrument in t…Read More

Vance E. - October 2013

I couldn’t be happier

I say it really doesn't matter what genre of music you are playing, you WILL get a great tone and feel from any bass that has the Fodera name on it. I couldn't be happier with my basses and I can't wait for the next one!…Read More

TalkBass Post - October 2013


When I visited, their front desk had an Emperor Standard jigsaw puzzle (thanks to the bandsaw) because the wood had a small knot or something in it. I thought Jason only joked about cutting a bass to pieces if it wasn't up to their standards. They not only strive to achieve perfection in their craftsmanship, they remind themselves everyday that anything less than the best is unacceptable.…Read More

TalkBass Post - June 2013

Finest instruments in the world

  I love my MGS#38. Everything that you said it was it is. The sound, the playability, the action etc....  The best part is that the lighter I play (I play very light), the easier the bass is to play. This really blows my mind. It's the opposite of every other bass I've ever owned. So thank you and all the folks at Fodera for your efforts in building one of the finest instruments in the world. …Read More

Mark B. - June 2013


I just received my YYD and it is wonderful, as you said it would be. I know how difficult it is to keep turning out work that is perfect, or better than what was already perceived as perfect, but I think you have done it again. It truly is beautiful, and well worth the wait and expense. My only concern is that it will have to compete for playing time with what I consider the perfect bass, my olive…Read More

Walt J. - May 2013

Thumbs up

Yesterday I took delivery of a Matt Garrison standard the first thing I had to remember that it was a "standard". If I had three thumbs they would all be "thumbs up" (plus my playing would be interesting) for another amazing instrument from the people at Fodera. I was reminded why I defend, sometimes rabidly, the pricing structure of a Fodera within this forum.…Read More

TalkBass Post - April 2013

What a bass

  What a bass. Wow, It is amazing. Make sure you tell Vinny and Joey the this Fodera makes my 62P sound lookand feel like if it was made of silly putty. This Fodera kicks a!@#@#$%$*.......... thanks to all the incredible people in the shop.…Read More

Maro B. - March 2013

My sincere thanks

I have been playing my new bass now for a couple of hours and it is fantastic! Many many thanks to you all for creating such a great instrument! As we say in Norway, "no-one above, no-one at the side". My sincere thanks to the whole team!…Read More

Stein T. - March 2013


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