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Fodera Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Our strings are carefully handcrafted in our own string shop using the highest quality materials available. We pride ourselves on the outstanding qualities of our strings, including long life, tonal balance and uniform tension.

Our strings are compressed round wound and are available in Nickel or Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel brings a brighter tone to our strings, while Nickel brings a warmer tone. Unlike many other manufacturers' nickel strings, ours have nickel plated wire for all of the wraps, not just the outer wrap. The wrap wires are wound over a light round core wire, compressed under high, precisely controlled tension. 

Our four, five, and six string sets are available in either Standard or Extra-Long (XL) lengths. The XL's are meant for basses with a 36" scale length or basses that have a 35" scale and are strung through the body.  Our five and six string sets are also available in Tapered B and XL Tapered B options. See our full list of gauges below.

Note: The AJ Signature Set is available in Stainless Steel only.

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