Victor Wooten Yin Yang Deluxeimg_4928-edit

Since 1984 Victor has trusted his Fodera basses to express his musical voice and with each new instrument, Victor and Fodera continue to explore new sonic possibilities.  For his third signature fretted Yin Yang (the Yin Yang Deluxe Series III), Victor sought to have an instrument that offered a broader and unique range of tones.

minimgbuttom.jpgImperial Mini-MG 

Designed in collaboration with Matthew Garrison, with its 30.75” scale length and 16.5mm string spacing, the Mini-MG is our most compact bass guitar and is, in fact, small enough to fit in a regular electric guitar gigbag!

richard-bona-imperial-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngRichard Bona Signature Imperial

The instrument of choice for Musician Extraordinaire, Richard Bona. 34″ scale, 24 frets, Ash body with a non-solid Olive top and EMG pickups. Although Richard runs his passively, our standard model includes our onboard Fodera / Pope Preamp.

matt-garrison-imperial-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngMatthew Garrison Signature Imperial

The Matt Garrison Signature model is distinguished by several important features including a 33″ scale, Ash neck, Ebony fingerboard, 26 frets and a finger ramp between the pickups to better facilitate Matt’s style of light-touch multi-finger style playing. The body, made of highly select Walnut, is light and diminutive and provides this bass with an overall warm tone while retaining a pointed clarity to the notes. The shorter scale and quick response makes this bass incredibly effortless to play.


janek-gwizdala-imperial-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngJanek Gwizdala Signature Imperial

With its 33″ scale and 16.5mm spacing, the Janek Gwizdala Signature Imperial is an ideal instrument for chording, soloing and complex right-hand finger-style techniques.


anthony-jackson-presentation-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngAnthony Jackson Presentation

The Anthony Jackson Presentation Contrabass Guitar is the result of Anthony’s original 1987 idea for a new instrument tailored precisely to his needs, and brought to life in collaboration with Fodera.


anthony-jackson-presentation-ii-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngAnthony Jackson Presentation II

The Presentation II is our first complete, all-encompassing re-working of the original Presentation since its completion in 1988. It encompasses the many changes made based on Anthony’s No. 10 (1996), including modifications to virtually every aspect of the instrument including, most obviously, the adoption of the “Hybrid” design, but also to the pickups, bridge, nut, wiring, frets, tuning machines, spacing and set-up.


lincoln-goines-imerial-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngLincoln Goines Signature Imperial

The Lincoln Goines Signature Imperial features a 34″ scale 3-pc. Ash neck with Ebony fingerboard married to a solid Flame Koa body, Ebony fingerboard. Electronics include a single Fodera / Seymour Duncan humbucking pickup and a proprietary Fodera / Pope pre-amp which contains bass, mid and treble cut and boost mini-pots that are accessed by removing the backplate. The only visible control is a volume/push-pull pot which acts as an active passive control.


tom-kennedy-emperor-ii-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngTom Kennedy Signature Emperor II

The Body, made of swamp ash, is capped with hard flame maple, and is combined with a 35″ scale, 24 fret Ebony Fingerboard to generate the warm yet punchy clarity that helps define Tom’s unique sound. Tom’s closely spaced Seymour Duncan dual coil pickups complete the model that proudly bears his name.


michel-labaki-monarch-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngMichel Labaki Signature Monarch

The “Labex” Signature Monarch is built around our Monarch 4 Deluxe model. Extremely old Korina for its body wood, an Ebony fingerboard and the unique (for Fodera) combination of an active EMG Neck PUP paired with a passive, lateral humbucking, Lindy Fralin Bridge PUP make for an incredibly rich, articulate tonal palate.


mike-pope-viceroy-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngMike Pope Signature Viceroy Bolt-On

Designed in close consultation with our good friend and renowned bass player, Mike Pope, the Fodera Viceroy is intended to be the most tonally versatile Fodera electric bass guitar ever built. The Viceroy shape draws inspiration from our ever-popular Monarch and Emperor lines and when paired with our proprietary removable fingerboard extension and adjustable bridge pickup, ensures that whatever tone you desire can be easily attained.


artie-reynolds-emperor-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngArtie Reynolds Signature Emperor

Artie Reynolds has become one of the most well known faces in the bass world through his very high profile gig on American Idol. Artie’s Signature instrument was designed to offer maximum tonal flexibility so that it could be used on the wide variety of styles he is called upon to play.


victor-wooten-83-monarch-classic-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngVictor Wooten ’83 Monarch Classic

The Victor Wooten ’83 Monarch Classic features our dovetail “heel-less” neck to body construction, 3-piece highly select and aged hard maple neck, old-growth East Indian Rosewood fingerboard, 34″ scale, 24 frets, Mother-of-Pearl dot and tulip inlays, EMG P/J pickups and our proprietary Fodera / Pope internal preamp.


tony-grey-product.jpgNEW! Tony Grey Signature Monarch

Our most compact instrument, the Tony Grey Signature Monarch is a 33″ scale Monarch 6-string with 17.5mm ridge spacing.


reggie-young-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngReggie Young Signature Imperial

Reggie Young’s Signature instrument was designed from the ground up with an incredible level of involvement and attention to detail on Reggie’s part.


oteil-burbridge-monarch-instrumetnspage-ver3.pngOteil Burbridge Signature Monarch 6

Oteil’s Signature Fodera is a Monarch 6 like no other. With its unique combination of tonewoods, narrow string spacing and 35″ scale length, Oteil’s Signature instrument is every bit as singular as he is!