Shop Talk is a podcast from Fodera Guitars – your custom bass guitar shop – where we sit down with some of our artists and kick around music, life, and gear. We give you access to the back story of some of your favorite artists and will hopefully give you insight and knowledge for your bass playing!

In this episode Jordan and Dave discuss pickups, what makes a great pickup design, and what you should consider when choosing a set of pickups for your Custom build.


In this episode, Mark shares with us how he came to the bass guitar, the importance of being relational in the music industry, and his journey as a member of The Roots Crew alongside drummer Questlove.


In this episode of Shop Talk, Michael chats with us about the new project, how he incorporated his tenor Monarch into the project, and lets us into the collaborative process behind the music of Snarky Puppy.


For our second episode we sat down with Fodera Artist and session giant, James Genus. James, in addition to being the house bassist for the Saturday Night Live band, has been credited on hundreds of studio and live recordings across almost every genre and is considered one of the most in-demand bassists on the scene.


In our first episode we sat down with Fodera Signature Artist and Gospel / Session bassist Reggie Young! Long a mainstay in the Gospel scene as well as being a well-known producer, Reggie takes us through his journey through music, discovering what he needed in his custom bass guitar, and what are some critical qualities every bassist should have.



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