The majority of our instruments are built with passive, “old-fashioned” pickups that have been developed over the past 25+ years.  These use a combination of two different kinds of Alnico magnets and vintage-style copper wire.  These are offered in either single coil or dual coil configurations and are made by Seymour Duncan’s Custom Shop for our Custom instruments and on one of their regular production lines for our Standard Instruments.

We also offer pickups from EMG, which are active (meaning that they have internal preamps) and, to our ears, are more modern sounding.  These are built with a proprietary blend of ceramic magnets.

The important thing for us with either kind of pickup is that they are not colored tonally, so that they allow the different woods with which we build to be clearly heard.

Other Pickup Options


We are also regularly asked to build instruments with a variety of other pickups to suit the tonal needs of all different kinds of players. Companies whose pickups we endorse using in our instruments include Aguilar, Lindy Fralin and Nordstrand.  If you want to use any of these on your Custom Fodera build, please contact us at for options and pricing.

Note:  Single coil pickups hum. When a humbucker is tapped and used in single coil mode it also hums unless it is blended with another pickup via the blend control.


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