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OUR PROPRIETARY ELECTRONICS HAVE BEEN DESIGNED TO GET OUT OF THE WAY AND LET YOUR UNIQUE TONAL PALETTE SHINE THROUGH... Our electronics packages on both our Custom and Standard bass guitars provide for both Passive and Active options. Which option a player finds most useful really depends on any number of factors related to the playing situation -- the room, the rig a player is going through, their playing style. What we personally prefer is not what matters most to us. Our goal is to provide tools that allow the people that we are building instruments for to find the best way of expressing themselves. That said, in working with Mike Pope to design our bass guitar preamps, we were insistent (and Mike completely agreed) that you should not have to EQ something to death in order to get a great sound. In an ideal world, a great circuit should be able to be played pretty close to flat and still sound really musical.

The Fodera Custom Shop Internal Preamp is made from the finest components available. It was conceived jointly by Joey Lauricella and many of the great players who are part of the Fodera Family, and it was designed by bassist Mike Pope. The Fodera Custom Shop Internal Preamp is ONLY available from Fodera and only to players owning Fodera Custom Shop instruments.  Our current preamp is made up of two discrete modes, one passive and one active. They are optimized to work with each other seamlessly. The PDF below is a guide to not only these modes, but to the different switches, frequency options, layout, and more.

Guide to the Fodera Custom Shop Internal Preamp

2010 and Later Preamp Instructions

The Standard Internal Preamp was designed for us by Mike Pope to be a flexible, less expensive alternative to the Fodera Custom Shop Internal Preamp for use in either our Standard bass guitars or in Custom bass guitars requiring a flexible control layout. Offering full three-band (bass, mids and treble) EQ functionality, a flexible control layout and a neutral sonic signature, the Fodera Standard Internal Preamp is built from outstanding materials and offers unmatched value. This preamp can be used in either active or passive mode.

For more technical details about our Standard Internal Preamp, view this PDF.

Guide to the Fodera Standard Internal Preamp

To see the Overview of the Standard Internal Bass Preamp components, click here!

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