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  1. Artist Profile: Carlitos Del Puerto

    Born and raised in Cuba, Fodera artist Carlitos Del Puerto has quickly become one of the most in demand session musicians in the world. As a doubler on electric bass and upright, Carlitos' ability to …Read More

  2. Custom Inlays and Butterflies

    For some players, inlays are an aesthetic choice to contrast a chosen fingerboard. Whether it's black dots on a Maple board or Mother-of-Pearl dots against an Ebony board, the contrast serves a functi…Read More

  3. The Yin Yang Series

    Yin Yang Family of Basses Since 1983, Fodera and Victor Wooten’s collaborative relationship has led to some of our most iconic designs and innovations, namely our coveted Yin Yang instruments. After…Read More

  4. New Topwoods Available!

    We have recently added brand new tops to our Topwood Gallery!  Choosing the right topwood for your Custom Fodera is an exciting part of the Custom build process and our Topwood Gallery makes selectin…Read More

  5. Fodera’s 2017 Summer Tour!

    Every year Fodera takes the opportunity to visit various dealers from our dealer network both domestically and abroad.  This is always a great chance to not only build relationships with our dealers …Read More

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