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In honor of Valentines Day, we will be offering 14% off all Fodera bass strings in our online store. Why? Because, what better way to show your bass some love than with a fresh set of Fodera Strings?…Read More

We're excited to announce 3 events happening at this year's NAMM show! On Thursday, January 19th at 2pm Fodera Artist Janek Gwizdala will be at our booth showcasing our new Emperor-J and Monarch-…Read More

With the holiday season fast approaching, we're excited to announce our 2016 Holiday Top Sale!  During this sale period, dozens of gorgeous, premium topwoods such as Spalted Maple, Buckeye Burl, J…Read More

Fodera artist Artie Reynolds historically has kept a low profile in the bass world yet for over 30 years has provided the deep grooves and low-end behind artists such as Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, J…Read More

This weekend as part of Thomann's Bass Day w/ Victor Wooten and to commemorate over 30 years of collaborative work with Victor Wooten, we unveiled the VW Classic Monarch Ltd.!  This special bass is …Read More

Head over to our Shop Talk page to check out the latest episode w/ Fodera artist and bassist of The Roots, Mark Kelley! In this episode, Mark shares with us how he came to the bass guitar, the impor…Read More

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