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Masterbuilt – “Crazy Love”

Here at Fodera, collaboration at every level is key to what makes our instruments and our company successful. Collaboration with some of the world’s finest players has enabled us to bring innovative designs to the electric bass guitar.  For instance, the collaborative work of Vinny, Joey, and Anthony Jackson gave rise to the single cutaway Contrabass, paving the way for players to explore new melodic concepts with an extended-range bass guitar.  Also, through our efforts with Seymour Duncan the dual-coil pickup, allowing for both single-coil and humbucking capabilities in a single pickup, became a tool embraced by the bass playing community.  In honor of this collaborative spirit, we present to you our latest Masterbuilt instrument designed with Nike Creative Director, Mark Smith.

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Curly Walnut Monarch 5 Deluxe

This Monarch 5 Deluxe was built for a longtime friend and Fodera customer, and is in brand-new condition. With a mahogany body and ebony fingerboard, this 5-string bass guitar has a rich and articulate tone, with powerful lows, clear bell-like highs, and strong, growling mids.  This instrument also features a gorgeous Curly Walnut top and Ebony ramp (not installed, but available as a free upgrade), giving it a beautiful look to match its tone. This instrument comes with a full Fodera warranty.

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Spruce Hybrid 5

Here is a very rare opportunity to purchase a Hybrid for immediate delivery! This Spruce Hybrid came to us through our Certified Pre Owned program and is in as-new condition and comes with our full instrument warranty. This 5-string Hybrid bass guitar features an alder body, alder tone block, ebony fingerboard, 3-piece red oak neck, and a spruce top and back. It also features a single Duncan dual-coil pickup in the same location used on Anthony Jackson’s Presentation II, and totally passive electronics with no external controls.  Like the Presentation II and other Hybrids we have built, it is very difficult to capture the tone of this instrument with words. The sustain is incredible, and there is a depth and nuance to the tone that is unlike any solid-body instruments we make. We’re thankful for the opportunity to produce another of these incredibly challenging, but extremely rewarding instruments!

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