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Masterbuilt – “Woodblock”

Masterbuilt “Woodblock” – The image that Vinny chose to draw on this instrument was adapted from a photograph taken by Vadim of a Ukrainian Church in his hometown of Kiev. Vadim visits Ukraine often and the area surrounding the church adapted in the drawing is where he was born and raised. To create this image, a solid Holly top was chosen for its tight grain that would allow Vinny to draw with great detail various shades and textures using Prisma colored pencils. Considered by fine artists to be the best colored pencils available, these Prisma pencils allowed Vinny to replicate various color tones found in both Vadim’s original image as well as those found in Toshi Yoshida’s prints.

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Imperial Mini-MG

Designed in collaboration with Fodera artist and good friend, Matthew Garrison, the Mini-MG marks the next innovative chapter in bass guitar design. With the recent change in instrument travel regulations, there has been an increasing need for a bass guitar that combines portability without sacrificing tone or playability. With these needs in mind, Fodera and Matt collaboratively set out to design an instrument that could fit in any typical airplane overhead storage bin. With its 30.75” scale length and 16.5mm string spacing, the Mini-MG is our most compact bass guitar and is, in fact, small enough to fit in a regular electric guitar gigbag!

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