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After the many years of developing the Anthony Jackson Presentation II, outlined below, Anthony finally sat down to play it for the first time in the middle of September 2013. Literally every person in the shop stopped what they were doing to come see what instrument was being played.  The broad smile on Anthony’s face was proof-positive that the Presentation II is a very, very special instrument.


The Anthony Jackson Presentation II is our first complete, all-encompassing re-working of the original Presentation since its inception (as Nunber 7) in 1987-88.  In our ongoing work with Anthony, Number 7 followed Numbers 5 and 6 (“Anthony Jackson Contrabass”, 1984-1987).  The Presentation II encompasses the many changes made based on Anthony’s 17-year life with Number 10 (1996), including modifications to virtually every aspect of the instrument. This includes changes to the pickups, bridge, nut, wiring, frets, tuning machines, spacing and set-up, as well as the adoption of the “Hybrid” design.


Vinny and Joey’s discussion in 2006 with Anthony about plans to build a full (as opposed to a “semi”) hollow body instrument stirred a frenzy of planning–and dreaming. The first instrument using this build was made for Matthew Garrison and the transition from 33-inch to 36-inch scale and numerous other design refinements took place over the next 6 years – resulting in a transitional, “Hybrid” proof-of-concept contrabass guitar.  After our “heel-less” method of attaching a neck to hollow-body instrument was granted a U.S. Patent, the construction of the Presentation II began in earnest.


The Presentation II includes a new neck profile with increased thickness, a slight narrowing at the nut combined with an equally subtle widening at the 28th fret, a relocated truss rod, an increased headstock break angle (increased to 17 degrees – normally we use a 14 degree angle), an upgraded wiring specification, subtle rounding of strategic body edges for increased comfort, and a full basic hardware material uniformity – bridge and trussrod are all titanium.  Work continues (as it always will) on various individually-small but collectively-significant refinements.


Since the first Contrabass Guitar he commissioned in 1975, Anthony Jackson has continually pursued perfection, realizing his ultimate vision of the Contrabass Guitar with a single-mindedness surpassed only by his determination to achieve mastery (according to AJ, as yet unrealized) of its performance.  Since the founding of Fodera guitars in 1983, Anthony, Vinny, Joey, and more recently Jason and the rest of the Fodera Team, have never ceased to strive for a practical, fully realized instrument that can continue to take its place as a proud member of the guitar family…the biggest, lowest, most foundational of them all!


The Presentation II proudly commemorates both the 30th Anniversary of Fodera Guitars (1983) as well as the 25th Anniversary of the very first Anthony Jackson Presentation (1988)…hence a very special “Double Anniversary.”

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Specs for the Anthony Jackson Presentation include:

Body Wood Options

  • Alder Body (Hybrid)
  • Holly Top
  • Solid Top

Neck Options

  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • 3-pc Red Oak
  • Blank (Side Dots Only)
  • AJ Signature Set of Strings

Construction Options

  • Hybrid Construction
  • 36″ Scale Length
  • 6 String Configuration

Electronics Options

  • Passive Instrument
  • AJP Jack Only
  • Seymour Duncan Dual Coil (1) Pickup