Most small, custom builders are content to simply buy strings made by large string manufacturers and put their name on the package. That would be a lot easier, but experience tells us that the tone and playability of our instruments would suffer. Fodera Bass Guitar Strings are our own, completely proprietary bass strings crafted by just three people in small batches. We use a combination of hand-work and proprietary machinery to perfectly wind our strings from the very finest materials available – materials that are used by manufacturers of some of the finest concert pianos in the world. This combination of small shop craftsmanship / quality control and the finest materials / tools available combine to make what we hope you will agree are truly exceptional bass guitar strings. Our strings have been continually refined over the past twenty years to ensure that they are the perfect complement to our handcrafted instruments as well as any other bass guitar.

Our strings are compressed round-wound and are available in Nickel or Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

  • Brighter tone

  • Accentuated highs and lows

  • Stainless Steel round core with Stainless Steel outer wraps

  • Flexible and balanced with a medium tension


  • Warmer tone

  • More pronounced mids

  • Stainless Steel round core wire with Nickel Plated inner and outer wraps

  • Flexible and balanced with a medium tension

Our four, five, and six string sets are available in either Standard or Extra-Long (XL) lengths. The XL’s are meant for basses with a 36″ scale length or basses that have a 35″ scale and are strung through the body.  Our five and six string sets are also available in Tapered B and XL Tapered B options. Please visit our online shop to view available gauges.

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