Since 1983, Fodera instruments have been designed and crafted for the working musician.  Our first priority is to craft an instrument that will meet all of your tonal needs and last for generations.  In pursuit of producing the finest handcrafted instruments, we designed proprietary parts, working with leaders in the worlds of pickup design and hardware manufacturing to develop components that are of the utmost reliability and functional design.  Below are a few of the unique components that make up a Fodera.


Hand Selected Tone Woods

Every Fodera bass utilizes tap tested tone woods selected for resonance, stability, and tonal preferences. All of our wood is sustainably sourced from all parts of the globe.  

Hand Carved

Our bass guitars are known worldwide for their comfort and playability, which starts with our hand carved necks. With every Custom bass, we work one-on-one with you to determine the best shape for your needs.

Proprietary Hardware

Both our Custom and Standard Fodera bridges are custom designed and manufactured by Hipshot USA. They feature brass construction for optimal tone and mass and are fully adjustable for string height, intonation, and string spacing.

Proprietary Pickups

Designed in collaboration with leading pickup manufacturers such as Seymour Duncan and EMG, our pickups feature proprietary designs developed over the last 25+ years. Click here to learn about other pickup options for your custom bass from companies such as Aguilar, Lindy Fralin, and Nordstrand.  

Fodera / Pope Preamp

Our proprietary electronics are designed to stay out of the way and let your tone shine through. Designed in collaboration with Mike Pope, our 3 and 4 band preamps feature active and passive modes, an incredibly low noise floor, and internal switching for user-selectable EQ frequencies. Click here to learn more about our Fodera / Pope Preamp.

Reversible Truss Rod

All Fodera bass guitars feature a proprietary reversible and removable truss rod that has incredibly high strength over industry standard truss rods. Becuase of this our basses do not have support rods inlayed in the neck. This allows for the maximum amount of resonance and acoustic material.  


This option offers a very quick and direct response while also allowing for the  full character of the body wood to shine through.


Our Deluxe (dovetail) option shares the same quick and direct response of a bolt-on but also allows for uninhibited access to the upper register.


Out Elite (neck-through) option has a very immediate response, easy access to the upper frets, but also allows you to further sculpt your desired tone by utilizing various heel block and body wood combinations.

Want to hear what each of these options sounds like?

Click here to visit our Soundcloud page and listen to Fodera artist Matt Garrison demo each of our neck joints! 


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